February 4, 2018
Class 102 $220,000 Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping Wellington FEI Art 238.2.2 Presented by Sovaro®
Daniel Coyle and Cita
Laura Kraut and Confue
Margie Goldstein-Engle and Royce
Class 106 $10,000 1.15m II 2b (ec)
Robert Matz and Venturesome
Deborah Perkins and Chivu
Claire Schreder and That's it 3
Class 205 $10,000 1.30m II 2b (wc)
Olivia Chowdry and Cosma 20
Katherine Strauss and Executive
Danielle Stacy and Hot Topic
February 3, 2018
Class 105B $25,000 Upperville Colt & Horse Show 1.40m II 2a (ec)
Molly Ashe and Picobello Choppin PC
Georgina Bloomberg and Paola 233
Kaitlyn MC Cann and Eliana
Class 105A $25,000 Upperville Colt & Horse Show 1.40m II 2a (ec)
McLain Ward and Cerise
Beat Mändli and Dibatsja
Taylor Land and Liroy 30
Class 204 $5,000 Hampton Classic 1.25m II 2b (wc)
Francesca Bolfo and Cadermie
Daniel Coyle and Madison
Andrea Correa and Une Perle Du Joret
Class 203 $2,999 1.10m II 2b (wc)
Sabrina Andreu and Rapsody De Lou Kassan
Robert Matz and Venturesome
Lisbeth M. Hazoury and Valmack Des Abbayes
February 2, 2018
Class 101 $35,000 Sovaro® Palm Beach Masters Qualifier FEI Art. 238.2.2
Ben Maher (GBR) and Tic Tac
Lauren Tisbo (USA) and Coriandolo di Ribano
Adrienne Sternlicht (USA) and Cristalline
Class 202 $2,500 1.20m II 2b (wc)
Flo Fulton Miller and Ruby
Mary-Kate Olsen and Dunotaire V
Chelsea Babcock and Da Vinci.
Class 201 $2,000 1.10m II 2b (wc)
Deborah Perkins and Chivu.
Sabrina Andreu and Rapsody De Lou Kassan
Kay Lawson and Bombadella.
Class 104B $15,000 1.35m II 2.1 (ec)
Daniel Coyle and Martha Louise
Michael Desiderio and Aminka
Conor O’Regan and Playboy
Class 104A $15,000 1.35m II 2.1 (ec)
McLain Ward and Belle Fleur PS Z
Alex Granato and Waomi
Luis Larrazabal and G and C Close Up
February 1, 2018
Class 100 $35,000 CP Welcome Stake FEI Art. 238.2.1 Deeridge Jumper Ring
McLain Ward (USA) and Hija van Strokapelleken
Fernando Martinez (MEX) and Cor Bakker
Hunter Holloway (USA) and Eastern Jam
Class 200 $2,500 THIS 1.20m II 2b (wc)
Olivia Chowdry and Cosma 20
Sydney Shulman and Wamira
Natalie Horween Pauska and Vert De Gris
Class 103 $7,500 1.30m II 2.1 (ec)
Alex Granato and Waomi
Sydney Shulman and Quidam 13
Kelly Soleau-Millar and Centre Ice
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