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Nations Cup Entries are Open!

Complete your entry for Nations Cup Week CSIO5*/CSI2*!

Nations Cup Week is returning to the Palm Beach Masters Series, Feb. 11-16, 2020, with a CSI2* division complementing CSIO5* competition!

Entries are officially open. Competing athletes must complete their entry both through the FEI Entry System and with a Palm Beach Masters Series entry form at PalmBeachMasters.com. Entries will not be complete until both methods of entry have been filed.

Entries are limited and subject to approval, which will come via an acceptance email. Competitors are recommended to enter early, as tours are expected to sell out.

Don’t miss out on being a part of the only Nations Cup qualifier in the country! For more information, visit PalmBeachMasters.com or navigate the links below.

Rider Registration

CSIO5*/CSI2* Definite Schedule

FEI Entry Guidelines